The brook upper Fiskonbäcken has been a favourite amongst fishing guides for many years. If the weather’s nice, the water level good and the timing for the insects’ hatching right, you may have a fly fishing memory that will last a lifetime.

The watercourse has both larger and smaller calm waters inbetween the streams. Many trouts swim these waters, and the largest caught measured 69 centimetres. But many trout fishes weighing around two kilograms have been spotted over the years. The campsite is located next to the brook and you can fish both upstream and downstream. The water is crystal clear and will allow you to sight trout with the help of polaroid glasses. The same goes for the lake upper Fiskonsjön, where there are plenty of trout and mountain trout in the waters

General information

Fishing license

25 days sport fishing is granted each season.

Only sold as a package which includes fishing permit, guide, meals and overnight stay in a tent.


1 day, 1 night

1 person: SEK 4 690

2 persons: SEK 2 890 p.p

3 persons: SEK 2 290 p.p

4 persons: SEK 1 990 p.p

Hiking or helicopter transport

It’s a 8 kilometre hike through mountainous terrain to reach the campsite by upper Fiskonbäcken.

You’ll need to be in good shape to manage the hike, since you will be carrying your own camping and fishing equipment along the way.

You can always book a helicopter transport through us at an additional cost.

Allocated fishing waters

Upper Fiskonsjön down to lower Fiskonsjön.


Fly fishing only.

Catch and release.

Additional info

Only make fires in existing fireplaces.

Do not litter.

Handle fish that is to be released carefully.

Use a knotless landning net.

For booking fill in contactform. (time, number of days, number of guests)

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