Mountains, crystal clear streams and trout. The mountain stretch of Ransarån, from Bieransarn down to Tjåkkelestugarna, offers both beautiful views and an exciting fly fishing.

You hike out or fly by helicopter to the designated tent site. Fishing guide from Saxnäs Fishingcenter introduces you to the water and shows you the fishing spots and gives you valuable tips. The season starts when the spring river starts and goes on until August. The fishing line consists of waterfalls, streams and smaller and larger seals. The water level can vary depending on the amount of snow in the mountains and precipitation.

Those who buy fishing permits are completely alone on the approximately 6 kilometer long fishing distance. On the route there is good trout in size 35-45 cm, as well as some single individuals of around 60 cm.

General information

Fishing permits

Each season allows 50 days of angling.

Licenses are only sold as part of a package deal including an initial guided introduction of the waters and accommodation in a Sami goahti.

A maximum of 5 fishermen per week are allowed. 

Price per person

3 days:  2 955 SEK

5 days:  4 650 SEK

Stretch of water

From Bieransarn down to Tjåkkele.


July and august.


Fly fishing only.

Catch and release.

Additional information

Only light fires in existing fireplaces.

Don’t litter.

Handle fish that is to be released carefully.

Use a knotless landing net.

Submit your catch report afterwards.

For booking fill in contactform. (time, number of days, number of guests)

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