The autumn and winter are the seasons of the hunter. To pass over the mountain ranges decorated in autumn’s colours or skiing through snowy forests enhance the experience in a magnificent way.

The mountain terrain surrounding Saxnäs is accessible in general and the hunting grounds are easy to hike across and easily accessed by car and/or through a short walk. The forest regions are typically pine-dominated mountain forests. The forests of the common lands are mainly ancient pine forests with bogs and clearcut areas.

Info, hunting seasons

  • Small game: 25 August – 15 March
  • Ptarmigan hunting: During the entire period
  • Black grouse, Western capercaillie & Hazel grouse: 25 August – 15 November, both male and females.
  • During 16 November – 31 January the females are protected and only males in tree tops are allowed to be hunted.
  • Hare: 1 September – 28 February

We sell hunting licences for hunting grounds on both common lands and state-owned lands.

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