1-, 2 or 3 beds Access to fully equipped kitchen area, family room with TV, toilets, shower and wifi. You can bring your own bed linen or rent it from us. Sleeping bags are allowed if you also use a bed sheet. Pillow and comforter are provided for each bed.


1 night 250 SEK per person

1 week 1 500 SEK per person


Weekend Thu-Mon 1 500 SEK


Final cleaning 250 SEK per person

Bedlinnen with small and big towel 80 SEK per person

Bedlinnen ready inbed with small and big towel 175 SEK per person

Other information

Pets are allowed in this accomendation. Be sure to bring your own bowls and beds. Pets are not allowed in beds or sofa.

Smoking indoors is prohibited, charged with decontamination costs.

At your own final cleaning, a cleaning list must be correct filled and left in connection with check-out, if not fully cleaned, 1000 SEK will be charged. More information at check-in.

If something breaks, this must be communicated to the reception no later than the check-out date.

Garbage should be sorted, this is done in the kitchen.

Free WiFi is included in all types of accommodation

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