Welcome to Kultsjögården Fiskecentrum Saxnäs!

Fiskecentrum Saxnäs / Kultsjögården  is a meeting place for fishermen, hunters and adventurers from far and wide. A passion for the nature with all its opportunities for adventures permeates the atmosphere of our facilities. Kultsjögården is a hostel wich have cabins and apartments for rent too. We also provide private owned cabins for rent.

We offer nature experiences all year round, such as fishing trips, hiking, small game hunting, 
snowmobile safaris, skiing tours etcetera. There are never short of options for anyone, regardless of age or experience, who is up for adventures amongst the mountains.

We also offer a variety of fishing experiences. You can go fly fishing in allocated waters such as Fiskonbäcken or Ransarån, go exploring on the many lakes in the area or go ice fishing for char. We’ll offer you a tailor-made experience in accordance to your wishes and offer guidance to anyone or any group regardless of age and prior experience. We also arrange fly fishing courses for both beginners and experienced fishermen on request. 

Our ambition is to be your guide to exciting, interesting and enriching experiences in our magical mountain landscapes.

We have a well-stocked store in Marsfjällshandlarn where you can purchase fishing and outdoor gear, hunting & fishing licences, mosquito repellent, maps, coffee, soft drinks, ice cream and sweets. Our staff is on hand to provide you with any information required regarding fishing waters, equipment or transportation. You can rent boats and fishing equipment from us. You can also book a boat transfer to Övre Ransarån or a fishing guide. We have a giveaway of fishing licences for the allocated fly fishing waters of Nedre Ransarån.

The store is open all year round, and the selections change in accordance with the seasons.

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Saxnäs is situated in the municipality of Vilhelmina,  province of Lappland and county of Västerbotten. It is about 50 km to the Norwegian border (the linear distance)

Saxnäs – Stockholm is 800 km and Saxnäs- Goethenburg about 1140 km. It takes 4 hours by car from Östersund, Umeå or Örnsköldsvik to Saxnäs. Drive to Vilhelmina and then drive to the west on the Wildernessroad for about an hour and then you reach your destination Saxnäs.

You will find Fiskecentrum/Kultsjögården in the middle of the village of Saxnäs and it is close to the local convenience store: Marsfjällshandlarn wich also have fuel for cars and snowmobiles.
The airport in Vilhelmina is named  South Lapland Airport
Trainstations is in Umeå, Östersund and even in Vilhelmina during the summer when inlandsbanan is active.

Rental cars:
Bil & Fritid (Vilhelmina) Phone: +4640 122 60